As cloud hosting providers, we have a deep knowledge of server hardware.

As cloud hosting providers,

we have a deep knowledge of server hardware.

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We are no spring chickens either. The founder of NetFire, along with many of our senior systems and network engineering team members, have been building and maintaining server infrastructure with Supermicro hardware since the early days of the Internet. Our expertise has evolved from web hosting to bare metal, then to cloud computing, and now to pioneering new AI and data engineering solutions alongside our amazing team of data scientists. With this experience, we are capable of crafting simplified and efficient solutions for the most complex challenges. We are here to assist you in building right-sized cloud infrastructure utilizing Supermicro hardware.

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NetFire ☁️ expertise is here to help you:


Build custom cloud infrastructure that you own, granting you absolute control over your data and eliminating cloud provider lock-in forever.


Achieve significant cost savings with NetFire's custom clouds compared to perpetual cloud resource leasing.


Guarantee full control over your data for flexible data compliance and ongoing management of your systems including custom monitoring, Cybersecurity ThreatOps and response.

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Strategy for Delivering Exceptional Cloud Solutions.


Understanding and Listening

 In this initial phase, NetFire will listen closely to each of your unique pain points. We will engage in meaningful conversations, asking the right questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of your challenges. This critical step ensures that we gather all necessary insights to move effectively into the planning stage.


Designing the Ideal Solution

 Armed with a deep understanding of your requirements, NetFire will proceed to design and plan a solution that's right-sized. This means crafting a strategy that perfectly aligns with the challenges and goals identified in the Discover phase, ensuring that the solution is neither over nor under-engineered, but just right for your specific situation.


Implementation and Handover 

The final step is where the plans come to life. NetFire will implement the carefully designed solution, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration into your business operations. Post-deployment, we will hand over the assets to you, along with providing necessary training and support to ensure seamless adoption and ongoing success.

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Ceph storage clusters by NetFire enable cost-efficient Block and Object storage.

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NetFire builds scalable Ceph storage clusters using Supermicro hardware, providing cloud provider quality block and object storage that you own, eliminating the need for expensive, perpetual cloud resources. Our expertise ensures optimized Ceph installation for storage efficiency and data safety, alongside network performance for enhanced data access.

 As the storage landscape shifts towards open, industry-standard hardware, we harness Supermicro's storage solutions to reduce vendor lock-in and embrace technologies like all-Flash NVMe. Supermicro's storage solutions are known for their efficiency, capacity, and reliability, making NetFire’s Ceph Storage Clusters a cost-effective and scalable solution, offering full ownership and control over your storage infrastructure.
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Looking for a Microsoft
Hyperconverged solution?

Discover the perfect pairing of Azure Stack HCI with Supermicro validated hardware, ensuring a seamless, high-performance hyper-converged solution for your IT infrastructure needs.

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Experience Streamlined Efficiency

Scalable Dedicated Performance
Full Control of Hardware and Setup
Customizable to Integrate Easily
Advanced Multi-layer Security and Compliance
Edge and Data Center Ready
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Proactive Monitoring and Incident Response.
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Supermicro Hardware Monitoring

NetFire engineers have been working with Supermicro hardware for well over a decade. Since the release of Redfish and its API, we have been able to create a customizable hardware monitoring solution. This allows you to keep an eye on all your server vitals and proactively prevent costly downtime.

NetFire Monitoring Gateway
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Windows & Linux Server Monitoring

As a managed cloud hosting provider, our customers regularly depend on NetFire to develop customized monitoring solutions for their software applications. We assist our clients by ensuring that not only is their hardware in good health but also their operating systems and applications.

Customized Software Monitoring
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Hardware and Software Support

NetFire can provide your organization with 24/7 hands-on expert server and network support as well as advanced hardware management so that you have peace of mind that you have a dependable partner providing you with business continuity.

Support and Warranty Plans Available

Data is the key puzzle piece in your business's future. Master it, and shape your destiny.

NetFire and Supermicro can help you transform data into business advantage.

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accelerate everything

AI Building Blocks for Human Acceleration.

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NetFire can help you unlock the full potential of AI with Supermicro's advanced GPU hardware solutions from NVIDIA, AMD, and Habana. We offer consulting from our in-house data scientists for everything from large-scale LLM, to predictive modeling and decision making, to AI edge inferencing. NetFire can help you deploy models faster, provide ML automation, CI/DC, and much more. NetFire managed MLOps is also here to help guide you through developing a new product or integrating AI into your existing systems as this can be a complex and costly process if not done correctly. We become or support your engineers, developers and data scientists throughout the entire hardware and software lifecycle of your Machine Learning Operations.
outdoor edge systems

NetFire can also build you a custom Artificial Intelligence solution to go with the Supermicro hardware.

outdoor edge systems
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NetFire is a technology company that excels at innovation across all data domains. Our custom AI solutions cater to a broad range of verticals including finance, business intelligence, marketing, sales, e-commerce, simulations, biology, pharmacology, and much more. We have accredited and published data scientists on staff, and aside from developing our own technologies we are also building and maintaining AI / ML projects for modern businesses that value competitive advantage. One of the biggest benefits of working with NetFire is reduced cost overhead for operating completed software projects. We achieve this by building you a right-sized custom cloud solution for your unique environments. The bigger the challenge and the more difficult it is to scale, the more interested we are in solving it.
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Edge Network and Server Solutions.

NetFire and Supermicro are revolutionizing edge compute and networking by combining efforts to deliver innovative solutions at the edge where data is created. Here's a refined summary:
 By leveraging Supermicro and NVIDIA's Edge AI hardware, processing power is brought closer to sensors, devices, and end users. This approach not only enhances reliability but also conserves bandwidth by minimizing dependence on centralized systems. The integration of these advanced technologies, including FPGA accelerators and GPUs, enables efficient Edge AI inferencing that has never before been possible. These technologies are fully compatible with virtualized environments, such as RAN and O-RAN, broadening their applicability.

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Let’s ignite the possibilities. 🔥

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NetFire consistently hits targets by delivering right-sized hardware solutions, scalable infrastructure, cloud cost efficiency, enhanced security, and competitive edge.


NetFire can also help streamline your compliance efforts by returning control of your data to you and placing it exactly in the data center or office of your choice.


We offer each solution with ongoing support, customized monitoring, and incident response from a team of cloud and Supermicro hardware experts.

Consistently striving for compliance excellence.
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