Press / Publicity / Product Launch.

How NetFire creates value for businesses that are getting flooded with publicity or are using PR as a tool to launch a product




Seize the Spotlight with NetFire: Propel Your Business to Unprecedented Heights 


Every business dreams of a groundbreaking TV appearance on Shark Tank, a coveted product feature by a renowned YouTuber, or a triumphant product sell-out on QVC. The burst of traffic and surge in sales such exposure brings is exhilarating, but the perpetual costs to handle this traffic may be a daunting prospect. That's where NetFire’s Web Hosting Engine steals the show. 


Web Hosting Engine: Always Ready for the Spotlight 


With our Web Hosting Engine, not only can you capitalize on every golden opportunity, but you can also be confident in your readiness to handle the incoming rush of traffic and sales without bearing the burden of continuous costs. Simply select a package that aligns with your needs, pay the base rate, and enjoy the convenience of having access to maximum capacity whenever needed, only paying for actual usage a month later. 


Even on a budget, NetFire enables you to control spending limits without compromising the visitor experience. You can dictate how to handle exceeding traffic, either by moderating site speed for all visitors or providing a considerate notification regarding high traffic volume, keeping them engaged during the brief wait. 


Your business's rise to fame may also attract unwanted attention from hackers, but with our Web Hosting Engine's robust security measures, beyond just an SSL Certificate, you can enjoy peace of mind. These measures include Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Security Information & Event Management (SIEM). 


In essence, seize opportunities that drive traffic while comfortably managing capacity, security, and performance. As your business grows, our Web Hosting Engine becomes your stepping stone towards a custom cloud. 


Custom Cloud: Navigating the Course of Hyper-Growth


When your business is on the fast track to expansion, a Custom Cloud is an ideal solution to handle growth, protect your data, and facilitate access to data and hosted systems within your burgeoning business ecosystem. With NetFire, you get a Custom Cloud built with OpenStack and Ceph, open-source solutions that can interact with other major clouds, ensuring vendor freedom. 


All NetFire Custom Clouds are private data environments owned outright by clients. You can choose between private data-center housed environments, on-premise setups, or a combination. With ownership comes significant cost savings over time without compromising on industry-leading performance. Benefit from our expert team's insights to avoid the missteps of cloud misconfiguration that have stymied even renowned businesses. 


Managed Custom Cloud: Growth Without the Hassle


Many clients prefer to focus on their business growth without the headaches of managing a Custom Cloud environment. That's where our Managed Custom Cloud comes in. Let our experts handle everything associated with your Custom Cloud so you can enjoy all the benefits without any stress.


Innovation Lab: Bespoke Solutions for Unique Challenges


For clients seeking tailor-made solutions, NetFire’s Innovation Lab is your ally. Work alongside our team to design the perfect solution, following a comprehensive end-to-end process. From identifying needs and crystallizing ideas into clear requirements, to creating a minimum viable product and implementing the final solution, we're with you every step of the way. With NetFire, turn your business dreams into reality.