Non-Profit Use Case.

How NetFire adds value for Non-Profits




Enhance Your Non-Profit's Impact with NetFire: Safeguard Your Reputation and Empower Your Cause 


A non-profit's credibility is its most valuable asset. With threats that could compromise your website or critical data, the fallout could be devastating - tarnished reputation, loss of financial control, and erosion of trust that can spell the end of your mission.


With NetFire, you don't just get to protect your cause; you amplify its impact.


Web Hosting Engine: Boost Your Donor Reach 


NetFire equips non-profits with powerful tools, starting with our advanced Web Hosting Engine. Secure your website, leverage the limitless potential of the cloud, and focus on attracting donations. With our infrastructure, handle an influx of donors with confidence, and let nothing hold your cause back.


Custom Cloud: Access Your Mission-Critical Data Anytime, Anywhere 


Non-profits need unimpeded access to their essential data. With our Custom Cloud, get a tailored cloud solution built for your mission's unique needs. Benefit from unmatched performance, security, scalability, and power that keeps your cause moving forward. 


Collaborate with our expert engineers to design a cloud environment using open-source components like OpenStack and Ceph, thus avoiding vendor lock-in. Reduce your operational costs over time while maintaining full control over your data. Experience the freedom to follow your mission, wherever and whenever it takes you. 


Managed Custom Cloud: Harness Your Own Cloud with Ease 


With our Managed Custom Cloud, enjoy the benefits of owning your cloud infrastructure and have our cloud specialists manage the technical side of operations for you. Free your team from tech hassles and let them focus on what they do best – driving your mission forward.


Innovation Lab: Craft the Perfect Tools for Your Cause 


For non-profits requiring unique solutions, our Innovation Lab is your creative space. Work alongside our expert engineers to design and implement the perfect tool to bolster your cause. With NetFire, transform your challenges into opportunities, and amplify the positive impact you make in the world.