Founded in New Jersey

NetFire's Story.

NetFire was founded by Bart Matusiak, who originates from a longstanding foundation in web and game server hosting and guided by a deep-seated passion for building complex technologies that leverage data to further human advancement.

Our company exists to provide a simplified and more affordable cloud hosting platform so that you can focus on building the things that make life easier with a little help from our products.

As our clients' trust in us grew, we increasingly found ourselves invited into closed-door sessions. Our task was to help them address challenges related to managing data flow between technologies and operations, and to support the growth of their companies. At the heart of our company and culture is a commitment to fostering human connections. We place importance on being present, as one human being to another, accompanying our clients wherever their journey may lead.



Timeline of

NetFire’s Story

With over 25 years of expertise in web hosting and data center infrastructure, NetFire remains committed to providing our clients with access to cutting-edge, data-centric technologies. This commitment empowers increased efficiency, enabling our clients to concentrate on their products rather than the supporting technologies.

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    July 2005

    Bart embarks on his first venture into deploying and managing reliable infrastructure with the establishment of United Frag, a game server hosting company specializing in low latency networking.

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    November 2012

    NetFire, LLC. is founded and starts providing web hosting and dedicated server services, simultaneously beginning the expansion of its network infrastructure.

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    July 2015

    NetFire introduces virtualized servers, marking a substantial expansion of its scalable Private Cloud hosting capabilities.


Company culture that enables innovation.

We recognize each team member for their relentless work ethic and their ability to challenge entire industries with superior technologies. Although the number of openings is limited, we cordially invite you to apply and join Team NetFire.


Uncompromising around performance and security.


Pursuit of perfection with every challenge.


Driven by curiosity, we aim to build technologies that can change the world.


In this artificial world, we believe humans make the difference.


We use the right tools for every job.

We care for your skills. Not your credentials.